Cruz Diablo

Mid 2001 was that the band began to develop and early 2002 was formed with the arrival of Huija. After several months of rehearsals the band comes to play live and recorded his first demo of 4 songs to be used for dissemination. The most prominent media where they could hear this demo are: – Rock & Pop on ” Zero to the left. ” “Local Hit” among others. – Channel 7 , used as musical curtain sections of some programs and promos – Program “outstanding issues”. (Channel 7) used the intro to one song for the opening and closing In 2003 and 2004 the band performed more than 10 shows and he was part of the following compiled: – “Listen without distraction” tribute to Kyuss – “Loco Gringos Have a Party” published by the Brazilian label, Valve Records. – “Estei Jevi” Compiled attached with some editions of the magazine ” Jedbangers ” In November shows were performed inside Bs. As. and a presentation on “Compatriots” and continued in December shows for capital and Gran Bs. As. This year the band set about recording their first album made only some shows and a performance on the television show “The unforgettable siesta” in early June.